This Is Hennessey's New 1000 Horsepower Cadillac Sledgehammer To The Face

When Hennessey got its hands on the previous generation of Cadillac CTS-V, they took the already-brutal 550-horsepower V8, and cranked it up to 1,200 horses. With the new one, the company appears to be playing it safe for the moment. The Hennessey HPE1000 ups the ante from the 2016 CTS-V, with its 640 horsepower, and… »11/17/15 1:10pm11/17/15 1:10pm


The Hennessey Venom GT Now Has 1451 HP Because More Power Was Totally What It Needed

I know what you’re thinking: the Texas-built Hennessey Venom GT is good and all, I guess, but maybe it’s just a little underpowered? Maybe 1,244 horsepower isn’t quite enough to get the job done? It may be the fastest car in the world, but... ehh? Fortunately Hennessey is here with a solution, and that solution is… »10/30/15 12:23pm10/30/15 12:23pm

This 665 Horsepower GMC Yukon Sounds Like A Satanic Tire-Slaying Vacuum

With 665 horsepower and 658 lb-ft of torque, the supercharged Hennessey HPE650 GMC Yukon might be the meanest thing around with seating for seven and a 7,000 pound towing capacity. The obvious question is; can hold its own against Dodge Challenger Hellcat? »1/29/15 9:25pm1/29/15 9:25pm

If Ferrari And Hennessey Dreamed Up The Ultimate Alfa Romeo 4C

It's fun to dream, especially when you come up with stuff that is completely unrealistic, untenable, impossible, and just too generally batshit crazy to make in real life. That's what Italy's Lazzarini Design did to the Alfa Romeo 4C — Ferrari power tuned by Hennessey Performance in that gorgeous little sports car. »11/18/14 7:19pm11/18/14 7:19pm

Hennessey Will Build A 717 HP Ford Mustang For The Price Of A Hellcat

We live in a golden age of accessible and insanely overpowered muscle cars. There's the Corvette Z06 making 650 HP, and of course there's the 707 HP SRT Hellcat. But what about those poor bastards who made childhood promises to only drive Fords? Who's thinking of them? John Hennesey is, with his 717 HP Mustang. »10/01/14 10:00am10/01/14 10:00am