Don't Film The Hells Angels Because They Will Destroy Your Window

If you’re just hanging with your bros, your dudes, your fellows or what have you, you might think it’s fun to take a little video of a passing Hells Angels gang. You might think it’s innocent. But the Hells Angels have a reputation to maintain, so they’ll smash in your fucking window. »7/27/15 4:27pm7/27/15 4:27pm


Hells Angels Buy Every Bike From One Walmart, Donate Them To Charity

When you think of huggable and lovable, the first thing that should come to mind are the Hells Angels. On Black Friday, Hells Angels took over a Walmart. But instead of doing what you'd expect a group the US government deems an "organized crime syndicate" to do, they bought all the bicycles and donated them to… »12/03/14 1:59pm12/03/14 1:59pm