How Heico Sportiv "Chrome-Plated" The Volvo S80

Amidst all of the glitz and chrome of the SEMA show in Vegas, there was one concept car that stood out — mostly because the paint reflected so much light in the Las Vegas Convention Center you couldn't ignore it. This seemingly chrome-plated beast is the Heico Sportiv-tuned S80 T6 "High Performance Concept." To begin… » 11/05/07 10:15am 11/05/07 10:15am

Down the Hatch: Heico's Volvo C30 Diesel Tuner

With the US version of the new Volvo C30 hatch debuting at the Los Angeles Show this week, a Swede-lover's fancy can't but turn to thoughts of tuning the crap out of one. Down, boy. Volvo tuner Heico Sportiv is unveiling its HS3 D5 at the Essen show in Germany next week. The diesel-fired hatch isn't quite a screamer,… » 11/28/06 9:21am 11/28/06 9:21am

Swedish Speedballs: Tuning Shops to Show C30 Concepts at SEMA

Volvo's new C30 hatch will represent the Swedes at SEMA's really big show this November, with prototype models from three tuning houses sharing the Vegas spotlights (or is that the twinkle of sequined g-strings off the motoring press's Lenscrafters specials?). The cars will arrive by way of EVOLVE (whose XC90 tuners… » 9/05/06 9:27am 9/05/06 9:27am

You Will Drop Your Top: Heico Sportiv Tunes the Volvo C70 Cabrio

Despite its high-tech retractable top and sporty deportment, the new Volvo C70's lost points for its stoic approach to open-top frivolity (we are having the fun, no?), and the lack of a high-performance version. German Volvo tuning shop Heico Sportiv is attempting to fill what's lacking with a few add-ons, including… » 8/15/06 8:48am 8/15/06 8:48am