Toyota And Nissan To Delay Heavy Duty Trucks; GM, Ford And Dodge Can…

Gee, and we always thought that the "HD" meant "high definition." Man, how wrong were we? It actually stands for "Heavy Duty" or "Professional Grade" or whatever each company calls their big ol' trucks for construction sites and other mud n' dirt needs. Heavy Duty's different than most other pickups offered by… » 9/25/06 3:16pm 9/25/06 3:16pm

GMC And Chevy Flashed Us The Heavy Duty Credentials, We Barely Noticed

Much ado is being made about the "flash" of the HD versions of Chevrolet and GMC's newest haulers during the press event earlier this week announcing the new GMT-900 based Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. Truth be told, we were too busy ogling some of the co-eds working for the event company to spend much time… » 8/04/06 1:27pm 8/04/06 1:27pm