Airport Fire Destroys $469K Custom Ferrari, Transporter Offers $46K

A massive fire at London's Heathrow Airport last month claimed a $469K custom Ferrari 458 Italia being transported from Saudi Arabia to London. Now the company responsible for shipping it is only offering $46K for the damages. » 8/18/10 12:45pm 8/18/10 12:45pm

Lamborghini Flown From Qatar To Britain For $45,000 Oil Change

A wealthy Arab, possibly a Sheik, sent his Lamborghini LP640 a whopping 6,500 miles from an airport in Qatar to Heathrow to have the car's oil changed. The total cost of the shipment was around $40,000, which doesn't even include the $7,000 for the oil change itself. » 7/31/08 11:20am 7/31/08 11:20am