I'm Calling Bullshit On This Melting Renault

There’s this video going around right now, shot by a British tourist in Italy, of a Renault Megane that seems to have had most of its plastic and rubber trim melted off by the 37°C/99°F heat. While I’m not disputing that the car clearly has some obvious heat damage, I don’t think the 99°F weather is all to blame, nor… »8/12/15 3:00pm8/12/15 3:00pm


The shootout from Heat with a Buick Grand National

Michael Mann's Heat is a study in wonderfully pure action filmmaking with hints of influence from Japanese new wave yakuza directors like Suzuki and Shinoda, shot before Tarantino perfected the homage with Kill Bill. But did you know before that Mann made a simplified version of Heat for NBC? Worth it for the Grand… »5/19/11 10:00am5/19/11 10:00am

Poorly Named Hotdog Monitors In-Car Temperature For The Pooch

We all know the SPCA, PETA and other groups get their knickers in a bunch over leaving animals in cars, and rightly so. Much to the delight of these organizations, Hotdog is a new gadget that will to take a step forward toward keeping pets in overheating cars. This device connects into your cars electrical system and… »3/21/08 9:45am3/21/08 9:45am

Orlando Bloom And Kate Bosworth: Do Not Leave Your Dog In The Car

Listen here you filthy pirate — we don't care how much money your little movie made this weekend, we don't think it's cool to put man's best friend in man's second best friend while you're inside making cutesy with man's third best friend — especially in Carribean-level temperatures. Nor do we care you went out to… »7/17/06 2:59pm7/17/06 2:59pm

Indy, We Were: Knew It Was Hot...But Hot Enough To Kill?

So we totally were amazed at the pit stains down in Indy. We don't mean the oil spills in the pits where the racers get the new tires, fuel and what-not — although there was more than enough of that — instead, we're talking more about the arm-pit stains from the oppressive heat on race day and at the parade the day… »5/31/06 12:10pm5/31/06 12:10pm