An Amazing Village Designed Just For People With Dementia

Centuries after Shakespeare wrote about King Lear's symptoms, there's still no perfect way to care for sufferers of dementia and Alzheimer's. In the Netherlands, however, a radical idea is being tested: Self-contained "villages" where people with dementia shop, cook, and live together—safely. » 11/27/14 9:30am 11/27/14 9:30am

The Weird Pattern On this Girl's Eyeball Is From an Airbag

Airbags certainly do save lives, but getting hit in the face at 200 mph—even by a bag of air—is not without its consequences. A teenage girl in Michigan got a real eyeful when an inflating airbag actually left its mesh pattern on the surface of her eye. » 6/30/14 8:08pm 6/30/14 8:08pm

Car Exhaust Turns Good Cholesterol Bad, Says Depressing Study

I imagine this is lousy news for most of our readers: UCLA researchers found that breathing auto emissions can trigger a change in "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein, HDL) to the "bad" kind, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and the result of this is more clogged arteries and heart problems and all sorts of… » 5/20/13 1:22pm 5/20/13 1:22pm

What Can I Do To Help After A Disaster?

Dear Lifehacker,
Hurricane Sandy was rough on me. Now that my power is back on and I'm getting things back to normal, what can I do to help people who are still struggling? » 11/05/12 1:00pm 11/05/12 1:00pm

Woman Sues City For $1.7 Billion Because Parking Meters Are Screwing…

Denise Barton is suing Santa Monica for $1.7 billion, claiming that the city's new wifi-equipped parking meters are making her sick. » 8/22/12 12:00pm 8/22/12 12:00pm

Long Commutes Are Sucking The Life Out Of You

Long drives to and from work don't just suck up your time; these long commutes may also be hazardous to your health. Besides draining you mentally and forcing you to sit for extended periods through traffic jams, long commutes are linked to less sleep, high cholesterol, and obesity. » 5/10/12 7:30am 5/10/12 7:30am

Woman Fired By Auto Dealership After Giving Up Kidney To Save Boss's…

A divorced mother of two from Long Island has filed a complaint with her state's Human Rights Commission claiming her former boss only hired her to gain access to her kidney. » 4/24/12 12:15pm 4/24/12 12:15pm

Men care more about cars than health

In a recent survey, almost 70% of American men said they it's easier to care for their cars than their personal health. And 40% said they would be more likely to address issues with their car than their health. » 6/15/11 10:00am 6/15/11 10:00am