Ask Our Photographer About This 1965 Cobra Replica That He Shot... And Drove

After a fun and sun-filled trip to Miami, photographer Douglas Sonders is back from the Land of Lebron. The occasion: He used Gizmodo's Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge to shoot some of the flashiest, fastest, ultra-sleek cars he could get his lens on. And although we can only assume he's still nursing… »10/02/12 11:59am10/02/12 11:59am

Ask A Photographer How He Snapped The Best Cameraphone Shots You’ll See All Day

While we were stuck at our desks, photographer Taylor Davidson used our Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™ Shooting Challenge as an excuse to barge off to Boston, where he set about shooting some sports at the city's parks and playgrounds. Well, he's back, and hanging out in the comments at Deadspin, ready to take your… »9/04/12 12:59pm9/04/12 12:59pm

Early Results Are in: Gawker Media Census Proves You’re a Bunch of Sports-loving Couch Hogs

Last week we asked you to take the 2012 Gawker Media Census, and in return offered one lucky survey-taker the opportunity to win a new iPad. Well, early responses are in, and we learned some interesting info about you guys—like the fact that 60% of your butts are firmly planted on 60% of your sofas when sports are on… »6/05/12 11:59am6/05/12 11:59am

Stop Watching That Pot, Take the 2012 Gawker Media Census, and Win a New iPad

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You Have Unbounded Confidence in Your Manliness, as Does the All-New Volkswagen Beetle

Driving an all-new, redesigned 2012 Beetle around is akin to, say, walking your neighbor's Yorkie, or signing up for a ballet class. You are going to get attention from women. And they're going to think you are quite splendid and secure for being evolved enough to see the new Beetle for what it is: a sporty,… »11/22/11 11:59am11/22/11 11:59am