A 50-Year-Old Regulation Stops Us From Getting Cool Headlights

I recently learned that Mercedes-Benz, official automaker of drivers who put tissue boxes on the rear shelf, has updated the CLS for the 2015 model year. This is great news, and I invite you all to join me in expressing our collective excitement by asking the following question: They still make the CLS? » 6/23/14 3:34pm 6/23/14 3:34pm

How Good Is Your Car-Light ID Kung-Fu? Take The Quiz!

Like most car guys, I have a wildly overestimated faith in my car-identification abilities, especially at night. Ever since I was a kid, bouncing around in the luggage well of my dad's '68 Beetle or the family's vast '73 County Squire, I loved trying to identify cars by just their headlight/running light patterns at… » 7/13/12 4:00pm 7/13/12 4:00pm

How Pixar screwed up cartoon cars for a generation of kids

Normally, I wouldn't want to bring up something of this gravity during the holidays, but I have to take a firm stand on an issue that's been bothering me for a long while. I've sat by long enough and did nothing while wrongs were committed, on greater and greater scales. But no more. Today I make my stand. Here goes: » 12/26/11 12:45pm 12/26/11 12:45pm

LA Auto Show Blasting: Truth in Mastheads; Lexus LS600hL Headlights Are…

You know how we claim to loves cars just because of the curve of the hood? Well, now we love a car solely because of its headlights. Sure, the miserably named LS600hL is the world's most expensive hybrid, and it makes 430 hybrid horsepower and we'd like to be buried in the oh-so-luxurious backseat, but just look at… » 11/29/06 8:19pm 11/29/06 8:19pm

The Day-Walker Woodchuck: How Much Gas Would A Headlight Use If A…

When we were kids, we loved that "Way Things Work" book. Although we absorbed very little from it, it was always fun looking at the pretty pictures and diagrams. HowStuffWorks.com is the net equivalent of that book, and just like the book, we absorbed very little from the text. Take for example the question posed by… » 7/25/06 9:30pm 7/25/06 9:30pm

Manfred Mann's Undoing: Not Blinded by the Light

Even though we knew we had to be wrong, we always thought the hoary old lyric went "Blinded by the light/Wrapped up like a douche/Another runner in the night." Not that the song's lyrics actually really make more sense if heard correctly — we're guessing that Springsteen was having a psilocybin day when he penned… » 4/07/06 12:03am 4/07/06 12:03am