Ford First Automaker To Enable iTunes Tagging On HD Radios

The world's first implementation of iTunes tagging in a factory-installed HD Radio receiver will launch in 2010 on select Ford vehicles. Through SYNC, iTunes Tagging will allow songs heard to be captured on the HD Radio receiver for later purchase. » 12/28/09 10:30pm 12/28/09 10:30pm

Pioneer AVIC-F Series Media, Navigation Systems Features Advanced Voice…

Pioneer has announced a few new additions to its line of car navigation systems. The AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F90BT come with features like iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, MSN Direct, HD Radio, XM, Sirius, CD, DVD, USB, SD and more. Although, the real specialness comes from their voice recognition abilities. » 4/21/08 1:40pm 4/21/08 1:40pm

Scion Chooses Lackluster HD Radio For Its Audio-Centric Customers

Toyota has recently announced a partnership with iBiquity, which will put HD Radio systems in a variety of Scion vehicles. What makes this partnership even funnier is the PR-speak Toyota used to announce the partnership. » 4/17/08 4:40pm 4/17/08 4:40pm

Toyota hasn't gotten that hint that HD Radio is floundering, big time. This whole marketing thing…

HD Radio Looks To Tackle Traffic Conundrum

Eight radio companies of different sizes and varieties have joined together to form the Broadcaster Traffic Consortium. Think of it like the Superfriends of yesteryear, but replace the super powers with a lot more boring. The group's goal is to utilize the digital radium spectrum—the one currently being used… » 4/15/08 2:40pm 4/15/08 2:40pm

Tech Explosion: Ford to Begin Including HD Radio in 2009

Well, the Ford Sync system is in full effect with 911 Assist, Sirius Travel Link and more, but that obviously isn't enough. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury will be including factory-installed HD radio in 2009 as well. Wait, HD radio? Where do you put your eyes? » 1/08/08 12:45pm 1/08/08 12:45pm

Volvo to Make HD Standard in All Almost All Models

Because their customers really want to listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me in High Definition Hybrid Digital, Volvo is going to make HD standard and almost every model. And if you think we're joking about that, we'd note they made the announcement in Boston. The list includes S40 T5, V50 T5, C30, C70, S80, V70, SC70… » 11/28/07 10:15am 11/28/07 10:15am

Ford First Automaker To Provide HD Radio In Most 2008 Models

Ford's just revealed they'll be providing HD Digital Radio as a new dealer-installed option available on "nearly every 2008 model year Ford, Lincoln and Mercury." It makes Ford the first automaker to offer the option across "multiple product lines." No word yet whether we'll be able to get it on an Econoline — but… » 9/26/07 8:25am 9/26/07 8:25am