Bullrun Update: The Force Was Not Strong With Hayden Christensen

Well, we knew the dark lord of the Sith didn't make it very far in the bullrun, but we didn't know exactly what happened to the young padawan other than he had a bit of a fuel pump problem in his $125,000 Ferrari. Now we know exactly how bad it was...it was so bad young Anakin ended up with his Ferrari strapped to… » 7/25/06 10:15am 7/25/06 10:15am

Bullrun Update: Canadian Convoy

As of right now, the Bullrunners are on their way to Chicago after leaving Toronto and heading toward Windsor and Detroit. According to Haller, the Stude is most likely toast after two more cylinders went out. The car is currently on Richard Rawlings' trailer. Speaking of Rawlings, the Texan has picked up another… » 7/23/06 4:45pm 7/23/06 4:45pm

This Ain't Pamplona: The 2006 Bullrun is Off!

NEW YORK: So the initial hype is over and the action has begun. We just got off the phone with Alex Roy, who isn't competing in this year's Bullrun, but showed up in the Team Polizei M5 to escort the drivers up to Pocono and document the happenings. And happenings there were. After the jump, a gang of pics and lotsa… » 7/22/06 8:05pm 7/22/06 8:05pm