This Narrated Video Takes You Step-By-Step Blasting Through Scotland In A Hawk

This awesome video explains moment-by-moment what is going on as a Royal Air Force Hawk T2 crew rips through a low-level route in the UK. It is fascinating to hear all that goes on in the cockpit during what looks like just a couple fighter pilots having a ball flying around down in the weeds. »9/17/15 8:55pm9/17/15 8:55pm


Living Just Enough For The City: 1963 Studebaker Hawk

Actually, disregard the headline, because I just wanted to work in a Stevie Wonder reference; this Stude is living high in the city! SethyT spotted this rara avis parked on the streets of New York City and was kind enough to send in some photos. Though it sports 1964 World's Fair plates, I'm pretty sure it's a '63;… »12/21/07 4:30pm12/21/07 4:30pm