The P-3 Orion Is Old, But It's Ready To Hunt Some Submarines

The P-3 Orion is just one tough old air blender. These aircraft just keep at it decade after decade, hunting submarines and patrolling the world’s sea lanes. Case in point, this spectacular image showing three of these old birds belonging to VP-4 ‘Skinny Dragons’ being readied for their next sorties out of Marine… » 6/22/15 7:00pm 6/22/15 7:00pm

Watch The USS Carl Vinson Arrive Home In This Excellent Time Lapse Video

After nearly ten months, the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and her Strike Group arrived home back in San Diego yesterday. The historic deployment, which was the longest since Vietnam, saw the Nimitz Class super carrier’s Air Wing flying nearly six continuous months of missions over Iraq and Syria against ISIS targets. » 6/05/15 1:09pm 6/05/15 1:09pm

At Last! Hawaii Five-O Complete First Season on DVD

Fans of black Ford sedans, unisex hair styles, scenic Pacific vistas, and cheesy dialog, will be ecstatic to hear that the entire 1968 first season of television's finest Hawaiian cop drama is at long last available on DVD. While this news was first reported months ago, getting the discs onto the shelves was evidently… » 3/09/07 1:30pm 3/09/07 1:30pm

Honolulu Lulu! 14-Hour Traffic Jam Snarls Oahu

And we thought the 405 sucked. An Army excavator whacked a pedestrian bridge, forcing officials to shut down the H-1 freeway, the state's most populous island's main artery. The resultant traffic jam lasted for fourteen hours. Fourteen freaking hours. People were forced to sleep in their cars. Some abandoned their… » 9/07/06 4:15pm 9/07/06 4:15pm

Book 'Em Danno: Hawaii's Draconian New Speed Laws

While we understand that 30 over in many situations can be an unsafe speed, and is generally regarded as such on the mainland, we think it's pretty surprisiing that Hawaii is adding any speed over 80, regardless of the posted limit, to some pretty heavy-duty speed penalities. If you're nailed, expect a $500-$1,000… » 6/06/06 2:23am 6/06/06 2:23am