Nissan, Here Is Your Chance To Get Young Buyers Again

During the sport-compact boom of the 90's early 2000's I was into Hondas. I had a 95' Prelude Si with some Altezza lights bro. But I remember Nissan having a nice variety of models for those of us looking for some cheap speed that was easily modified. Names like Sentra SE-R, NX, 240SX, even the Maxima made fine… » 5/20/14 10:15am 5/20/14 10:15am

Why The Three-Door Is A Disappearing Body Style Worth Saving

It's genuinely hard to make a case for only having a three-door hatchback when five doors is realistic. If you're going to make a practical car, giving it an upright roofline and a large opening at the back, then it's hard to see the logic of only putting one door on either side of the car, forcing rear-seat… » 6/30/13 3:00pm 6/30/13 3:00pm