Alfa Romeo Mi.To Showing Cute Side At Milan Marketing Shoot

They say you haven't become a true "petrolhead" until you've owned an Alfa Romeo. To meet that requirement in America, that requires scavenging through used car ads and, subsequently, junkyards. However, for the places in the world that actually get new Alfas, owning one of the Italian beauties will be a bit more… » 6/08/08 9:56am 6/08/08 9:56am

'78 Civic Fits Four Shopping Bags, Will Fit In '08 Civic's Glovebox

No car illustrates the concept of Long Term Model Bloat better than the Civic (for a good example of Short Term Model Bloat, compare the 1970 Mercury Cougar with the 1974 version). Here's Honda boasting about the ability of the '78 Civic hatch's ability to swallow four shopping bags. The '78 Civic hatchback weighed… » 5/02/08 10:20am 5/02/08 10:20am

Rucksack Is A Sack, To Give Your Hatch's Booty Some More Back

Yes, when you bought that hatchback you thought you would have more than enough room to grow, but one marriage and 2.5 kids later the hatch's back no longer has the cushion for all the crap you're pushing in. Don't splurge on the minivan, yet, just invest in a super trendy and cool Rucksack! Think of the Rucksack as a… » 4/02/08 8:30am 4/02/08 8:30am

Abt Sportsline Tunes VW R32, Hits 370 HP Note

The German tuners of Abt Sportsline have had their way with the VW Golf R32 taking the well-known and already sporty hot hatch down the road of higher horsepower. Although you'd never expect it with such few changes Abt's made to the exterior shell. Although Abt gives their R32 a new side skirt, blackened chrome dual… » 3/27/08 8:18am 3/27/08 8:18am

New Mazda2 3-Door To Debut At Geneva On The Fourth Of March, We Want Five

We're already big fans of Mazda's mini hatch, the Mazda2. It's sharp looking, safe, relatively quick and unpretentious. Up until now, there's only been the five-door and sedan version, which recently debuted in China. Not wanting to let a segment go unfilled, Mazda will be debuting the Mazda2 three-dour hatchback at… » 1/23/08 4:30pm 1/23/08 4:30pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru G4e EV Concept

We hear electricity is going to be huge someday, though we're not sure Subaru got the same memo. The company rolled out its all-electric G4e concept concept car in Tokyo, thought it was outshined handily by the new Impreza STI. The small hatch combines underfloor Li-on batteries with seating for five and a relatively… » 10/25/07 4:00am 10/25/07 4:00am

Hatchback Hello: GM to Plug Astra With Test Drives to Win Friends

Some skeptics say the hatchback will never return en mass to the states. Others say high gas prices will release demand for such odd-door models, just like during the great hatch invasion of the late-1970s. Of course, the new (for the US) Saturn Astra is no bargain-basement hatch; GM announced it'll start at nearly… » 10/09/07 1:15pm 10/09/07 1:15pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: New European Chevrolet Aveo Has Huge Boot And Overbite To Match

There's a new Chevrolet Aveo hatchback for Europe and as we've already shown you, it's got a new front face with a gaping wide mouth. Still has the same great storage space and fuel economy it's always had and hey, now you can get an auto tranny on this as of now European only model. (Yes, we know a Aveo hatch exists… » 9/11/07 5:13am 9/11/07 5:13am

Euro Honda Civic Spotted in Detroit Is Diesel Prototype

Thanks to Kamran for the tip that the 2007 Honda Civic five-door hatch — the Euro model — spotted in Detroit is a prototype turbodiesel Civic — the 2.2-liter iCDTi. Most credible sources say we'll have to wait a couple of years to see the first Honda diesels in the states, but some journos got an advance drive… » 9/06/07 6:09pm 9/06/07 6:09pm

High-Mileage Volvo C30 to Debut in Frankfurt

Volvo says it's showing a special-edition Volvo C30 in Frankfurt that offers a few energy-efficiency tweaks, giving it an estimated 52 miles per gallon. It's powered by a 1.6-liter turbodiesel and fitted with a new autobox that reduces torque loss during upshifts, which Volvo says boosts efficiency by eight percent.… » 8/20/07 9:56am 8/20/07 9:56am

Over the Back Fence: A Hatchback From Porsche?

A Golf-sized hatchback from Porsche? It could be in the works if Germany's car rumor-swirler AutoZeitung is on the mark. Most loose talk about Porsche has focused on a new mini SUV, sometimes dubbed the "Roxster." But the specter of stiffening C02 emissions regulations in Europe could mean the arrival of an even… » 8/16/07 7:45am 8/16/07 7:45am

Another Side to the C'eed: Kia Reveals Back of Hatch

It may just look like the rear section of a run-of-the-mill European hatchback to you, but to Kia it's yet another facet of its new C'eed three-door, the company's most important model in the grab-a-piece-of Europe sweepstakes. Earlier this month we saw the front, of ex-Audi designer Peter Schreyer's continental… » 8/06/07 4:25pm 8/06/07 4:25pm

BMW 1-Series Spotted in Long Beach, Cal-i-forn-i-a

Long time Jalop lurker and new buddy John spotted a BMW 1-Series on the streets of Long Beach, sans badging, and nabbed it by cameraphone. » 6/01/07 3:44pm 6/01/07 3:44pm

Although a new, 1-Series coupe is reportedly headed this way, it won't likely be a hatch like this one. (It'll be the one with the ). Some company man's probably just having a…