For $105,000, This 2006 BMW 3-Series Packs A Ten

On a scale of one to ten cylinders, one being the worst number and ten being the best, where would you place today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW? That's right, you'd stick this silver bullet at the top because it rocks a freakin' deca-mill. We'll still have to decide if its price is a perfect ten. » 12/09/14 8:00am 12/09/14 8:00am

V10-Powered BMW Z4: The Non-Hairdresser Version

With the arrival of the new BMW Z4 looming on the horizon, this previous-gen Z4 packs a little something extra to grab your attention.: the 5.0-liter V10 from the BMW M5. » 12/30/08 8:00am 12/30/08 8:00am

HARTGE Gives BMW 1-Series The Carbon Fiber It Was Missing

We can imagine that tuners have been anxious to start hawking their gear for the 2008 BMW 1-Series as the car has a lot of potential and lacks an "M" version. HARTGE, which also tunes the hatch version, has their first round of offerings available and they include the expected wheel/tire combinations, an adjustable… » 3/13/08 1:30pm 3/13/08 1:30pm

Keep it Sideways: Hartge V10 3-Series on the Video

For around $160,000, German tuning shop Hartge will deliver a BMW 3-Series that's been fitted with a moderately juiced V10 from the M5. The resultant 550-hp H50 isn't exactly a moderate runner. In fact, if you take this video at face value, the H50 is apparently best driven sideways. See, there's this technique… » 12/18/06 7:26am 12/18/06 7:26am

Uber Drei: Hartge's V10 3-Series Coupe

Last year, the tuner mensches at Hartge showed off a BMW 3-Series sedan juiced with the V10 from an M5. This year, with the new coupe all the rage, the company did the same — and unveiled it at the Essen show last week. Indeed, they shoehorned the M5's entire running gear, including 7-speed SMG. The result is 550 hp… » 12/12/06 1:00pm 12/12/06 1:00pm

Car Hack's Notebook: Reporting from the Essen Show, Day Three

Most people would be more than satisfied with the fast-as-amphetamines Porsche Carrera GT, which is famous for knife-edge handling and a capacity to test even the best driver. But apparently not everyone is so easily pleased, as Gemballa has now seen fit to strap two turbochargers to the Carrera's engine to create… » 12/06/06 2:14pm 12/06/06 2:14pm

Driving the Modern-Day Cobra: Hartge's BMW Z50 Roadster

UK writer Nick Hall spent some time in a BMW Z4 that's gotten an V8 upgrade (in Shelby Cobra—like fashion) by German tuning house, Hartge. Known for treating BMW's product line as a mix-and-match playset, Hartage took the 5.0-liter V8 that once M-powered the M5, shoehorned it into a Z4, rewrote its suspension story… » 1/27/06 7:40am 1/27/06 7:40am

Hartge's V10-Powered BMW 3-Series

Being one of the top BMW tuners in Germany, Hartge has the resources to take the thoughts swirling around our dirty little minds and write them up in sheetmetal. For example, we've spent a few idle stoplights considering the outcome of swapping the V10 out of the BMW M5 into a lighter 3-Series (E90). Presto! That… » 11/23/05 6:30am 11/23/05 6:30am

Hartge Breaks the Gentlemen's 155mph Agreement

To paraphrase, oh about 17 different people, "We knew Mr. Hartge, and he's no gentleman." Temptation apparently got the better of German tuning house Hartge as it rubbed its technology mojo all over the new V10-powered BMW M5, as the company removed the 155mph limiter that traditionally keeps most autobahn burners… » 10/04/05 12:45pm 10/04/05 12:45pm