Watch Harriers Launch For The Last Time Off The Drenched Deck Of HMS Ark Royal 

It has been more than five years since the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense shuttered its Harrier fleet, eventually selling it to the U.S. for a song. Here’s a throwback video from Nov. 24, 2010 of the Harriers executing their final launch from the very rain-soaked deck of the HMS Ark Royal.


Watch These Spanish Harriers Load Up The Deck Of The Juan Carlos I

Both Spain and Italy operate the AV-8B Harrier on the Mediterranean. Spain has about a dozen upgraded EAV-8B Harriers IIs and a single TAV-8B Harrier trainer in operation today. These aircraft deploy aboard the Juan Carlos I (L61), a modern amphibious assault ship capable of carrying up to twenty Harriers at a time.

The Only Thing Better Than A Harrier Demo Is A Triple Harrier Demo!

Oshkosh has been full of awesome military aircraft action this year, and the Marines didn’t disappoint. Instead of the normal and hideously loud AV-8B Harrier demo, VMA-231 flew two Harriers at the same tame doing coordinated maneuvers for their demonstration and a had a third Harrier come in for a vertical landing…

The Time When AV-8 Harriers Deployed Aboard A Fixed-Wing Navy Carrier  

The USMC inducted the AV-8A Harrier into service in 1971 and military minds in the DoD were quickly trying to think of every way they could use the "Jump Jet's" new abilities. One of their experiments was to integrate the AV-8 into a conventional USN Carrier Air Wing. This happened during the USS Franklin D.

This Wild Photo Shows Warped Air Getting Gulped Into A Harrier's Engine 

The Harrier is a massive Rolls Royce "Pegasus" turbofan engine with wings. Although not supersonic, the AV-8B has almost 24k lbs of thrust to play with even though it has no afterburner. This makes it very well suited for hauling ass down low, below radar and close to the targets it was built to destroy. In doing so…

This Is An Amazing Shot Of Night Harrier Operations Aboard The USS Essex

This gorgeous shot depicts nighttime AV-8B Harrier operations aboard the USS Essex LHD-2 while the ship churns through the seas somewhere in the vast Pacific. It's amazing that even though there may not be a person for thousands of miles in any direction, this extreme ballet of technology, ingenuity and courage can be…