Why Were Old Jet Engines So Much More Smoky Than Newer Ones?

The dawn of the jet age saw the skies near major airports raked with thick black smoke trails. These exhaust plumes have largely disappeared from our atmosphere due to continuous jet engine innovations. Here is the story of the jet engine’s amazing change in visual and ecological signature since its introduction into… »7/30/15 3:03pm7/30/15 3:03pm


How The Marines Cheaply And Quickly Built Precision Comm-Jamming Tech

In 2008 the USMC took dealing with the improvised explosive devices threat into their own hands and what they ended up with was a cost effective and highly adaptable jamming and communications intelligence pod that should be a model of how to satisfy future urgent "niche capability" needs. »5/18/14 4:53pm5/18/14 4:53pm

Harrier, Oh Harrier: Zagato Works Up Exterior Package for J-Spec Toyota SUV

Toyota and Italy's Zagato design house are back together for another round of dress-up. Devotees of mid-engined Toyotas (guilty) may recall the 2001 Toyota Zagato VM 180, a limited-edition model of the MR2 Spyder (MRS) available in Japan (see photo below). Now the Toyos are offering a Zagato-fied special edition of… »7/31/06 9:47am7/31/06 9:47am