How The Marines Cheaply And Quickly Built Precision Comm-Jamming Tech

In 2008 the USMC took dealing with the improvised explosive devices threat into their own hands and what they ended up with was a cost effective and highly adaptable jamming and communications intelligence pod that should be a model of how to satisfy future urgent "niche capability" needs. » 5/18/14 4:53pm 5/18/14 4:53pm

Harrier, Oh Harrier: Zagato Works Up Exterior Package for J-Spec Toyota…

Toyota and Italy's Zagato design house are back together for another round of dress-up. Devotees of mid-engined Toyotas (guilty) may recall the 2001 Toyota Zagato VM 180, a limited-edition model of the MR2 Spyder (MRS) available in Japan (see photo below). Now the Toyos are offering a Zagato-fied special edition of… » 7/31/06 9:47am 7/31/06 9:47am

Not Unbeatable? Audi R10 Loses to Harrier Jump-Jet

It may have a reputation of being unbeatable — having aced the 24 heure du mons this year — but a Harrier jump-jet made quick work of the diesel-powered Audi R10, yesterday. On an RAF base in blighty, Scotsman Allan McNish, piloting the R10, demonstrated the R10 greater thrust off the line, beating the jet to 150… » 7/10/06 10:06am 7/10/06 10:06am