Ride Review: The 2016 Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Is The Only Harley I'd Want To Own

Harley-Davidson’s S models are the Motor Company’s equivalent of a “sport version.” These versions of the bikes get better components, more power, and special style bits so the guys at Bike Night will know yours isn’t like the rest. The Dyna Low Rider is the latest to get the S treatment. The result? It’s the Harley I…

One Man’s Imperfect Quest To Build Sportbikes In America

Anytime anyone rags on one of Erik Buell’s motorcycles, I have to fight an overwhelming urge to pick them up and shake them. “Don’t you understand his story?!” I shout in my head. Not enough people do, so let’s fix that once and for all. It’ll make you appreciate the quirky, flawed genius of his motorcycles.

Michigan State Cops Prove, Once Again, That Harleys Have No Place On The Police Force

Ever wonder why you still see police officers on big Harley-Davidson bikes? If you consider this test data from the Michigan State Police, you’ll wonder even more. Their annual study once again shows that Harleys, fun as they are in their own way, just aren’t as suited to cop bike duty as other models.