This Harley Lost In The Japanese Tsunami Just Washed Up On A Canadian…

A Canadian beachcomber made an unexpected find along British Columbia's Pacific Coast on April 18. Debris from Japan's tragic tsunami a year ago have only recently begun washing up on North America's west coast. Like on April 18th, when Peter Mark found a white container with a Harley Davidson inside of it. » 4/30/12 2:00pm 4/30/12 2:00pm

Harley-Davidson Says MPG Doesn't Matter To The True Rider

Harley-Davidson has released another "Screw it; Let's ride" print ad imploring Americans not to buy Harleys for their fuel economy. Of course, the company has the distinct advantage of having a customer base who likely ranks fuel economy at the very bottom of their purchase motivators. But still, what advertising… » 9/08/08 5:00pm 9/08/08 5:00pm

Sometimes You Feel Like A HOG, Sometimes You Don't: The 2007 Ford…

Once in a while there's a time in each and every Harley-Davidson owners life where they actually need a piece of machinery capable of hauling more than just them, their squaw and an extra pair of leather chaps. For those days, there's FoMoCo's newest edition F-150 Super Crew, even if all you'll really use it for is… » 8/05/06 1:59pm 8/05/06 1:59pm

Ezra Rode a Harley: The NY Times on the Ford F150 Harley Davidson

Our homeboy, Automobile writer Ezra Dyer got it on with the Gray Lady, penning a piece for the NY Times on Ford's cross-branded F150 Harley Davidson pickup. Obviously, ol' Ez was called in to add a dash of youthful color to the Times's notoriously wife-and-kids car reviews. His job (sure, he accepted it) was to… » 3/20/06 12:37pm 3/20/06 12:37pm

Go Back to Get Back: Automakers Could Follow Harley's Lead

One could argue Harley-Davidson has been successful of late despite an approach to technology that's in opposition to that of the motorcycle industry at large. That is, they do what they've always done — build the best bikes 1960 can offer. While others hire up all the lab-coated wonders they can find, and point them… » 3/10/06 9:28am 3/10/06 9:28am