How About A Harlequin Hyundai?

It's clear that this junked Hyundai's paint scheme was the result of a mix-n-match backyard-bodywork adventure. But still, if it worked for Volkswagen... » 5/30/10 2:00pm 5/30/10 2:00pm

Harlequin Trabant Alert on eBay!

Oh, I yearn for this car. Who cares that I'd have to ship it back from Deutschland, or that its two-stroke mill would probably get me sent straight to jail as soon as the Smog Police saw it on a California street. Because, well, look at it! And air horns! Gott in Himmel! Current bid price: 1 Euro » 2/15/07 5:22pm 2/15/07 5:22pm

The Bunny Makes Us Giggle: Harlequin Volkswagen Rabbit Spotted On Flickr

That Crispin, Porter and Bogusky VW Rabbit ad with two of the newly-renamed hatchbacks frolicking around and reproducing all over the place, resulting in a slew of new rabbits, including a sure-fire cult hit, the "Harlequin" black, white and silver-painted version. Although we'd only seen the soon-to-be… » 8/07/06 1:09pm 8/07/06 1:09pm