Watch A Harlem Shake Attempt End In A Fiery Explosion In A Garage

Listen, people of Planet Earth: you need to stop making Harlem Shake videos. It's not February anymore, and at this point, you're just hurting yourselves. Want proof? Watch this video. » 5/11/13 11:00am 5/11/13 11:00am

This Harlem Shake On An Airplane Triggered A Federal Investigation

Good Lord, I am so glad that the whole "Harlem Shake" thing is on the way out. To say that it was "massively irritating" is the understatement of the year. (It seems to have been replaced by a meme that involves putting screams into a video by someone named Taylor Swift.) But before the shake goes away forever, it… » 3/01/13 2:41pm 3/01/13 2:41pm