Happy Hanukkah! A Menorah's Worth of Motoring Jews

As you may know, it's Hanukkah time, when Jews all over the world celebrate what may be organized religion's lamest miracle, and one of the few holidays where we Jews managed to not end up exiled or slaughtered or anything. It's a holiday with candles, presents, fried potatoes and a kickass story about a tough Jew… » 12/23/11 10:00am 12/23/11 10:00am

Ho-Ho-Lambo, Merry Christmas!

For all of you jolly old elf's out there (and the less-than-jolly young ones) — the official Lamborghini Store's got a new selection for the holiday season. It's just the accoutrement your tree needs to fully complement it's skirt. That's right, you can now get some festive Christmas tree ornaments bedecked with the… » 11/27/06 8:45am 11/27/06 8:45am