Mercedes-Benz SLS: Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Let's cut to the chase: This is a 563-hp Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, those are its amazing doors, and I took this picture in Mexico while hanging out of the car at 50 mph. Safety is for pansies. Viva velocidad! » 4/06/10 1:00pm 4/06/10 1:00pm

Oh, the doors. They are quite possibly the coolest thing on the car, the one feature that makes…

Vultures and Bombshells Make For Great Mercedes Advertising

Back in the 50s, the only advertising a gullwinged Mercedes needed was a Mexican vulture through the windshield. Fifty years later, the bird has been replaced by a Bavarian bombshell styled like an avian robot of doom. » 1/13/10 2:00pm 1/13/10 2:00pm