Disabled Student Denied Handicapped Parking Because She Drives A Hearse

The Jalopnik community is not shy about calling out asshats who park in handicapped spots when they are not supposed to. Now there are some asshats that won't let a disabled college student park in in the handicapped spot, because they don't like her car. » 9/28/14 11:00am 9/28/14 11:00am

News Flash: Not All Disabled Parking Placards Are Legit!

One can only hope there's a special place in Hell for non-disabled drivers who sport a handicapped placard on the dash and park free all day at a downtown metered spot. Ideally, such a person would spend eternity trying to parallel-park a cement mixer on Telegraph Hill while squirming in agony from a hive of Bungo… » 3/26/07 5:54pm 3/26/07 5:54pm

Being Party-Handicapped Doesn't Mean You Can Park There, Joe

Our brother/sister site obsessed with all things inside of the beltway found the above shot of Senator Joe Lieberman deciding in addition to no longer caring if he's a Democray, he doesn't really care about handicapped people. The Senator without a party dropped in on an event at Fairfield University on Friday, and… » 9/18/06 11:17am 9/18/06 11:17am