Top Gear's Richard Hammond Has A Special Message For Jalopnik Readers

There's obviously a strong affinity between Top Gear's millions of viewers and Jalopnik readers — some who have even stalked the hosts in our name. I recently had the pleasure of hanging out with Richard Hammond and asked him if he wanted to say anything to Jalopnik's readers. » 2/21/12 2:00pm 2/21/12 2:00pm

Top Gear Season 15 Returns June 27th

The popular BBC motoring show Top Gear returns for its 15th season on June 27th, so set your BT client for around 1:00 AM June 28th to catch three cranky Brits enjoying totally rubbish motorhomes. (H/T to wox42!) [FinalGear] » 6/08/10 6:45pm 6/08/10 6:45pm

Top Gear Teases Season 14 With Kids, Fiery Lancias

British motoring show Top Gear was recently part of some stupid contrived controversy, which means you should warm up your BitTorrent software for Season 14. We look forward to writing about their antics and not people's responses to them. » 11/10/09 4:00pm 11/10/09 4:00pm

Top Gear Hit By Budget Cuts, Jeremy Clarkson’s Diarrhea Of The Mouth…

The BBC is reporting budget cuts across the board in 2009. Yes, Top Gear will feel the heat and viewers apparently will notice the cuts. » 12/30/08 9:30am 12/30/08 9:30am

Real Top Gear Returns November 2

Originally intended to start on October 26th, Top Gear is now officially slated for a return to television on November 2nd. We can hardly wait for Series 12 to start, particularly because of the American road trip » 10/10/08 2:05pm 10/10/08 2:05pm Jeremy and the boys had in a , and a . Though we'll have to see if their hour-long special is part of…

Top Gear Spotted Filming Episode In Vietnam

Top Gear » 10/06/08 12:20pm 10/06/08 12:20pm is expected to return next month; we've already seen that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will be for an episode, and it now appears they'll also be headed to Vietnam for a tour of duty. Unlike their American trip to the in which the chaps drive a , and , the journey in Vietnam is allegedly…

Hamster Working To Cope With Post-Accident Emotional Issues, Memory Loss

For those who don't remember, the much loved Hamster, a.k.a. Richard Hammond, of Top Gear nearly didn't make it after crashing a jet-powered car at nearly 280 mph. And while the Hamster survived, the crash provided quite a shock to the system (Check out the Hamster crash footage). According to the Daily Mail, Hammond… » 2/25/08 10:40am 2/25/08 10:40am