Piaggio Makes First Drone Flight Of An Unmanned Catfish

Piaggio has successfully removed the pilot from the Italian aircraft manufacturer's popular twin-engine, turboprop, pusher-type executive transport. The P.180 – affectionately referred to as "the flying catfish" – has been redesigned into an unmanned aircraft for the Italian Air Force, and it's got a new name: the… » 2/24/15 7:35pm 2/24/15 7:35pm

A Tour Of The Top Gear Test Track

Flash animation, the reason behind the names of those corners, a Stig's-eye view, and a dose of good 'ol TG wit: This is the official tour of Top Gear's decommissioned British airfield. Powarrrr! » 5/05/10 3:00pm 5/05/10 3:00pm