Will a Driver Beating a Passenger With a Hammer Force Uber to Grow Up?

San Francisco's District Attorney has already charged the UberX driver who allegedly used a hammer to beat passenger with two felony counts for assault and battery. But the victim, Robert Chicas, will have a harder time suing Uber directly for an attack that left him hospitalized for three days with a fractured skull,… » 10/01/14 6:52pm 10/01/14 6:52pm

Please, No MC Hammer Jokes: 1988 AMG 300TE Wagon!

There was a lot of debate over the authenticity of the last eBay Hammer » 8/19/08 8:00am 8/19/08 8:00am we saw here, so let's get our tirades revved up again for today's find: an allegedly genuine 1988 AMG Mercedes-Benz 300TE station wagon! Do you think it's real? If so (or even if not), do you think it's worth $38,000? Thanks to for the tip! Do…