Mercedes McLaren SLR-Based Hamann Volcano Unveiled In Video

We recently showed you first shots of Hamann's new hyperstyled Benz supercar, the Hamann Volcano » 10/20/08 5:00pm 10/20/08 5:00pm, which basically consists of a heavily modified Mercedes McLaren SLR. All we know about at this point is the garishly modified body and we'll have to wait for the official announcement to find out if this beastie's bite…

Hamann-Tuned "Volcano" Mercedes SLR McLaren Spied With Ugly Paint

It looks like Hamann is working on a tuner version of the 208 MPH Mercedes SLR McLaren » 10/13/08 12:00pm 10/13/08 12:00pm, which according to the license plate, will be dubbed "Volcano." Spied parked next to a Bentley somewhere in Germania, we can tell the Hamann SLR features six exhaust pipes, roof-mounted air scoop, rear diffuser, deep dish rims, wheel …

2010 Chevy Camaro, Not At All Tuned By Hamann

This photoshopped 2010 Chevy Camaro » 9/05/08 9:20am 9/05/08 9:20am might be digitally wearing plates from the German tuning shop Hamann Motorsport, it's most assuredly not the real thing. Hamann spends a lot of time customizing the latest and greatest from the likes of BMW, Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini into highly-wound cars with names like…

Hamann Mini Cooper S, D: One Burns Rubber, One Burns Oil

An option for those wanting more power from their Mini Cooper S or Cooper D, tuner Hamann has introduced some new upgrades. Boosting power up to 136 HP for the Cooper D, and 230 HP for the Cooper S, both benefit from the BMW tuner's experience in reprogramming Motronic control units. But whatever good Hamann has done… » 8/12/08 12:45pm 8/12/08 12:45pm

Hamann Kicks The E92 M3 Coupe Up A Notch... Or 35

While the majority of us would be happy with a standard M3, Hamann's apparently not as satisfied as the German tuning shop has just revealed a couple of serious tuning packages for the V8-powered E92 BMW M3 Coupe. The two blend all sorts of fun performance upgrades with enough cosmetics to make Mary Kay blush. The… » 4/14/08 9:20am 4/14/08 9:20am

HAMANN Cyclone Porsche Cayenne: Nothing Says Speed Like Snakeskin

We'd say this new Porsche Cayenne was to die for, but then it turns out there are people willing to die for a Porsche Cayenne. Well, that and it's kind of hideous. Something about this HAMANN Cyclone body kit just doesn't quite work. Maybe it's that sort of M5-esque front bumper. Maybe it's the unnecessarily large… » 1/30/08 5:45pm 1/30/08 5:45pm

Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

The latest in Hamann's Ferrari-tarting kit focuses on the F430 spider. The tuning Swabians say their aero components for the droptop are both cosmetic and functional, and come in kicky carbon-kevlar or fiberglass. A sports exhaust reportedly adds 48 horsepower, some suspension trickery adds lowness and a range of… » 5/29/07 8:06am 5/29/07 8:06am

Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

You know, it's sad. Some Wall Street types looking to dole out their ten-figure bonuses can't get into an F430, for the mere fact that they're first timers. Others have the leisure and means to have their F430s refitted with matte paint and high-gloss orange accents, scissor doors, an aero kit and 50 horses' worth of… » 5/21/07 1:15pm 5/21/07 1:15pm

No Stone Untuned: The Hamann Ferrari 599 GTB

Prancing horse purists may have to leave the room when they get a look at what Hamann's done with Ferrari's top-of-mast 599 GTB. The average fan of exotics, however, is best positioned to appreciate Hamman's judiciousness with the body kit action on this, the company's latest Ferrari-based tuning job. No over-the-top… » 12/14/06 12:45pm 12/14/06 12:45pm

Hamann Wry: Lamborghini Tuner Gets "Other" Lambo Doors

Regular Lamborghini-style scissor doors weren't enough for the customization wonks at Germany's Hamann tuning house. In working up their worked-over version of the Lamborghini Gallardo Spider, they created their own, proprietary version of the portals, which open outward like the wings of a black-tailed platyaciferous… » 8/08/06 4:01pm 8/08/06 4:01pm