This Awesome Baby's Marty McFly Costume And DeLorean Push Car Is…

This baby boy has the coolest parents ever. For his first Halloween, his awesome parents dressed him up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future and built him a DeLorean push car. Just look at him inside his tiny little DeLorean, it's one of the most adorable Halloween costumes ever. » 10/26/12 2:10pm 10/26/12 2:10pm

How To Build Your Own Aliens Power Loader Exo-Suit

In the movie Aliens, the Power Loader is a heavy-lift exo-suit for moving equipment. The Colonial Marines use 'em to load ships and Ripley uses it to kick the Queen bitch's ass. Now you can make your own for Halloween. » 9/23/10 2:30pm 9/23/10 2:30pm

Luke, I Am Your Wheelchair-Bound Father

You do know that this is probably the coolest four-wheeled Halloween costume ever. We'd totally give this dude one of those extra-large Snickers bars. » 10/16/09 3:00pm 10/16/09 3:00pm