Why Did The NFL Make YouTube Pull Down Chrysler's Clint Eastwood Super…

Of last night's commercials, Chrysler's Clint Eastwood ad was undoubtably one of the best. So why did the NFL claim copyright on the video and force YouTube to pull it down this morning? UPDATE! » 2/06/12 9:00am 2/06/12 9:00am

Detroit Football Fans' Anti-Nickelback Crusade Drawing Major Support

The resilient, rough chuckles-enduring people of Detroit put up with dog poop air, crime-ring moms, crime-ring stray dogs, fake Koch evictions, and 1,001 other ills. But they refuse to sit through a Nickelback half-time show during this Thanksgiving's Lions-Packers game. Uninspired Canadian crap rock is where they draw … » 11/05/11 7:30am 11/05/11 7:30am