Pay it Back: Haley Joel Osment Faces DWI, Possession Charges After Saturn Flip

Ruh roh. Looks like Haley Joel "I See Dead Publicists" Osment's VH1-special resume is widening. The former child star's awkward year just keeps getting worse. Last month, he barrel-rolled a '95 Saturn in Los Angeles after a party; now he faces up to six months in jail on charges of driving drunk and possessing… » 8/18/06 3:02pm 8/18/06 3:02pm

I See Dead Saturns: Haley Joel Osment Flips Car

The Blt of Thnder kicked this one down. Haley Joel Osment was rolling back from some shindig in LA last night when up near Bumbeck's place, he hit a brick something-or-other and launched his Saturn into what must've been at least a half-barrel-roll, as the car came to rest upside-down. Osment was apparently conscious… » 7/20/06 5:00pm 7/20/06 5:00pm