Geneva Showcase: Mazda Hakaze Concept

Mazda designers' recent dabbling in organic materials to inform their concept cars takes flight with the Hakaze concept. While the winged doors motiif is a bit precious for our taste, we're okay with the fascia, which reminds us of Zoltar from "Battle of the Planets." We hear their next one will look exactly like Johnny… » 3/06/07 4:36pm 3/06/07 4:36pm

Coming to a Second Life Near You: Mazda to Launch Hakaze Concept in…

Later this month, denizens of that placeless cyberplace, Second Life, will get a sneak preview of Mazda's Hakaze concept car, ahead of its debut in three dimensions at the Geneva show. Mazda's following the lead of Toyota's Scion, which has been running 3D campaigns in Second Life since August, 2006. Scion also plans… » 2/06/07 6:19am 2/06/07 6:19am

Geneva Pre-Show: Mazda Reveals Hakaze Concept

Its name is a mashup of the Japanese words for leaf and wind, and its styling evokes the movement of sand on a shoreline — says its creators. But the Mazda Hakaze is no zen gardener's weekend project. It's the latest in Mazda's Nagare ("flow") concepts, whose designs draw from natural influences (see also Nagare and » 2/05/07 7:01am 2/05/07 7:01am