A Hacker Found GPS Data in the Audio of This Police Chase Video

It's incredibly noisy in the cockpit of a helicopter, and you'd assume the sounds you hear in any YouTube police chase video were just the deafening whine of the chopper's engine. But as one hacker discovered, that monotonous drone can actually hide some useful data, like the helicopter's GPS coordinates. » 2/03/14 11:38am 2/03/14 11:38am

How To Allegedly Get Practically Infinite Money In Gran Turismo 6

According to a reader, one of the quirks of Gran Turismo 6 is the ability to turn their vision cars, like the Mercedes Vision Concept, into almost infinite money by taking advantage of a pudding-esque loophole that turns a gift into sweet, sweet cash money. Here's how. » 12/12/13 1:44pm 12/12/13 1:44pm

Hilarious Car Key Hack Lets You Drive It Like You Stole It

If your daily commute has become mundane and boring, you can easily spice things up with this clever hack that makes it feel like you've just jacked someone's ride. All you need is an old screwdriver—the more worn it is the more convincing the effect will be—and a car key you're willing to hack to bits. » 4/30/13 11:50am 4/30/13 11:50am

Electronic Road Sign Hacked With Racist Trayvon Martin Message

The killing of black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has sparked a weird kind of racial spasm that's resulted in terrible articles, Spike Lee scaring old people, and made Facebook almost unvisitable for the past week. Now Metro Detroit's getting in on the bile after someone in Dearborn — the suburb of Detroit home to… » 4/09/12 12:30pm 4/09/12 12:30pm

If you hack an electronic road sign, please don't write "POOP"

We've been clear in our insistence that you please NOT hack electronic road signs, but have been impressed by some of the cleverness of readers not listening. Like hackers in Houston writing Internet drivel on a construction sign. » 3/15/11 11:00am 3/15/11 11:00am

CNN Quotes Jalopnik Commenters In "No Tacos" Road-Sign Hack Story

CNN's Jeanne Moos properly quotes Jalopnik as experts on not hacking road signs in a story today about the "No Latinos, No Tacos" hack. More importantly, they reference the commenter debate over the real meaning of the sign! » 5/26/10 2:00pm 5/26/10 2:00pm

Unmoddable GT-R ECU Cracked, Bye-Bye Speed Limiter

Remember the ECU in the Godzilla-like 2009 Nissan GT-R? Yeah, it was supposedly uncrackable and unmoddable and we'd been told would even brick the car if tampered with. That's apparently not the case for at least one set of Japanese tuners who've cracked the JDM version of the new Nissan GT-R's already infamous ECU and … » 4/08/08 2:45pm 4/08/08 2:45pm

GPS-erize that Amazon Kindle Unit

Didn't get that much desired GPS receiver over the holidays? But, your aunt got you that Amazon Kindle you never wanted in an effort to boost your literacy? Don't fret, there are some solutions and one is with said Kindle. The Kindle is Amazon's eBook reader. Don't raise those eyebrows at me, eBook readers deserve some … » 1/03/08 11:45am 1/03/08 11:45am

Hot-Greener Is The New Hot-Rodder: Hacking The Toyota Prius

Who knew there's all sorts of non-100 mpg plug-in car hacks for the Toyota Prius? From the way owners seem to talk about it — these li'l gas-sippers were born perfect. Apparently there's all sorts of fun stuff enterprising owners are doing to their better-mileage-than-the-rest vehicles, and CNET's got some of the best … » 5/22/06 12:14pm 5/22/06 12:14pm