Because "Genital Secretions" Was Just Too Long

A Pennsylvania DOT sign warned drivers of potential hazards on Tuesday. Clever hackers or unusually informative highway crews? You be the judge. [Centre Daily] » 6/02/10 3:30pm 6/02/10 3:30pm

Sign Hackers At It Again, What's A "F*** Taco?"

We've repeatedly told you not to hack road signs, but you people never listen. Only this time you're professing your love for stuff like a "f**k taco," "b**l sack," and "mudkipz." Whatever those are. » 6/19/09 1:30pm 6/19/09 1:30pm

Washington Department Of Transportation Doesn't Want You Monkeying With…

Washington State's Department of Transportation wants people to stop monkeying with their road signs. Haven't we been telling you this from the start? Press release below. » 2/05/09 6:00pm 2/05/09 6:00pm

AP Tips Hat To Jalopnik On Road Sign Hacking

The "how to hack road signs" story's become a bit of a meme, with Jalopnik sitting at the center of the mainstream-media-maelstrom. We guess being "the authority" explains why the AP called yesterday. [Yahoo, MSN] » 2/05/09 10:00am 2/05/09 10:00am

How To Hack An Electronic Road Sign

DO NOT under any circumstances run around hacking into electronic road signs using the information contained in this step-by-step guide of how to transmit hilarious messages to passing motorists. » 1/28/09 5:00pm 1/28/09 5:00pm