Tracked Hummer At SEMA Will Crush You, Take Your Gas

If you've got an H2T » 11/04/08 2:00pm 11/04/08 2:00pm but you're not happy with the gas mileage — finding it way too high — your options are limited. Sure, you could bolt on performance mods, but we'd suggest these elegant and subtle tracked belts to replace your efficient pneumatic tires. This H2 was spotted outside the Vegas convention center…

Hummer-Branded Mobile Phone Is Very Capable, Surprisingly

The Hummer HT2 is the company's second mobile phone branding adventure. The first Hummer branded mobile, the HT1 is still doing fairly well so it was only inevitable that Hummer would release the HT2. Despite what people may or may not say about Hummer owners, insecurities, compensation and whatnot, the H2T mobile… » 4/07/08 3:15pm 4/07/08 3:15pm

Hummer H2 SUT Getting Bigger?

The fast shutters over at KGP photography captured what looks like a Hummer HT SUT (In reality, a Hummer H2T — according to Winding Road) that's been stretched out on the rack. The fake army paint job doesn't fool them though, as they think that this is a new H2 making use of the stretched GMT-900 platform — the same… » 12/13/07 9:48am 12/13/07 9:48am