S3 Driver Freaks Out, Goes on Rampage at Audi Gathering

DATELINE — Ocean City, Maryland. The apparent owner of a rare Audi S3 went batshit at the H20 gathering here, thrashing his Mexican-entry import on a nearby dirt track, before veering off the track, hitting a vendor's trailer and sideswiping a Jetta. He was finally cold-busted by Maryland state troopers after he… »10/02/07 10:11am10/02/07 10:11am


Now That's Some High Quality H20 — Car Runs On Water!

Our gadgety friends at Gizmodo tossed us this one — there's a company called Hydrogen Technologies, and they used distilled water in some kind of a chemical process to run a car. Here's the best part — it gets like 25 miles to the ounce! Someone's gotta get some protection over to these guys pronto before they get… »6/01/06 4:42pm6/01/06 4:42pm