S3 Driver Freaks Out, Goes on Rampage at Audi Gathering

DATELINE — Ocean City, Maryland. The apparent owner of a rare Audi S3 went batshit at the H20 gathering here, thrashing his Mexican-entry import on a nearby dirt track, before veering off the track, hitting a vendor's trailer and sideswiping a Jetta. He was finally cold-busted by Maryland state troopers after he… » 10/02/07 10:11am 10/02/07 10:11am

Contents Under Pressure! Peugeot Water Dragster

The gang at Winding Road uncovered this clip of a water-pressure dragster in the guise of a Peugeot 206 CC. It's said the thing manages 15,000 lbs. of thrust by way of the same physics as that pump rocket mom said would kill the dog if it fell over when you were trying to launch it. This one would most definitely put… » 10/12/06 5:56pm 10/12/06 5:56pm

Now That's Some High Quality H20 — Car Runs On Water!

Our gadgety friends at Gizmodo tossed us this one — there's a company called Hydrogen Technologies, and they used distilled water in some kind of a chemical process to run a car. Here's the best part — it gets like 25 miles to the ounce! Someone's gotta get some protection over to these guys pronto before they get… » 6/01/06 4:42pm 6/01/06 4:42pm