How A Mechanical Horse Is Like An HDTV Converter Box

Times of technological transition make interesting things. Because of the transitional nature of the things, they're usually not destined to be around long, but they're absolutely necessary for a certain magical moment. Think 8-track to cassette adapters or those USB 3.5" floppy drives they had for the first iMacs. »5/18/12 12:00pm5/18/12 12:00pm

Man Protests High Diesel Prices By Trading His Truck For A Horse, Horsepower Puns Ensue

A man in rural Kentucky, fed up by the high price for diesel, has decided to trade driving for riding. He'd rather fill up his horse with oats than spend $4.00 a gallon putting fuel in his truck, so he's riding everywhere in protest. This is easier for the gentleman because he's a sign painter and not, you know, an… »4/24/08 6:00pm4/24/08 6:00pm

Horse Jumps Pontiac Grand Am, Unaware It Could Just Slide Under It

Clearly, Luis Galindo had had not seen the amazing video of the Chiranjeevi horse slide, or else he would know that this whole horse-jumping-Pontiac Grand Am stunt is unnecessary. On the other hand, we have to give credit to them for finally coming up with a good use for the Pontiac Grand Am. Of course, this maneuver… »1/03/08 1:47pm1/03/08 1:47pm

Two Dead As Horse And Car Collide On Highway, No Mustang Jokes Please

A sad story from New Zealand as an odd horse v. car accident resulted in the death of two (three if you include the horse, which was mercifully put down by the police). The accident happened along State Highway 35 near Opotiki on the North Island of New Zealand after a horse, being ridden by a teenager, bolted from… »1/02/08 3:15pm1/02/08 3:15pm