Ding-Dong the GX3 is Dead: Spawn of Moonraker Officially Killed

VW's Malibu-based Moonraker program's first child has been officially euthanized. When it debuted at the LA Auto Show this past January, VW was rumored to be bringing it to production. According to Wolfsburg's man-in-the-States Adrian Hallmark, "It would not have been possible for us to build the GX3 with the purity… »7/03/06 5:00pm7/03/06 5:00pm


What Hath Moonraker Wrought? Why, the Volkswagen GX3!

Put a bunch of V-Dubya types together in Malibu and whaddaya get? 1,267 lbs that'll outcorner a 'Vette. The result of Volkswagen's Project Moonraker and the German automaker's California Design Center, the 1.6-litre, 120hp tricycle built for two, which supposedly stands a shot at production, would cost around 17k,… »1/04/06 9:47pm1/04/06 9:47pm