Here Are All The Cars Guy Fieri Has Ruined

You would think that, upon amassing millions up millions of dollars from an empire of clogged arteries, you'd amass a car collection of taste, of style, of interest. Not Guy Fieri. Guy Fieri, Food Network star and infamous creator of the mysterious "donkey sauce," has created an automotive equivalent of donkey sauceā€¦ » 11/11/14 2:09pm 11/11/14 2:09pm

Guy Fieri's Lamborghini Was Stolen By A Trigger Happy Teenage Motorcycle Ninja

Guy Fieri, the Food Network's raspy-voiced propagator of unhealthy recipes, was the unfortunate victim of grand theft a little over a year ago. His 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo was stolen from a San Francisco car dealership, leaving the bleach/spike haired chef without the car that completes his caricaturish public image. » 4/30/12 4:30pm 4/30/12 4:30pm