Organizers Say Tumbler Batmobile Replica Too Shitty To Race The Gumball

As the Gumball 3000 commences the European leg of its 2014 tour, one car that generated a considerable amount of hype and press for the event is conspicuously absent: the Tumbler Batmobile replica. The car's inability to run in the rally has created a very public rift between its builders and the team running it. » 6/09/14 12:36pm 6/09/14 12:36pm

Acquaintance Confirms The Ferrari Driver Stomped By Cops Is An…

If you watched Julien Chabbott, internet entrepreneur and boyfriend of Hills star Stephanie Pratt, get taken down for running his Ferrari over a cop's foot while trying to dodge a ticket, you probably thought, "I bet that guy is a thundering douchebag." According to our source, you would be completely correct. » 8/07/12 2:00pm 8/07/12 2:00pm

2008 Gumball 3000 Rally Dates Set, Still Heading To North Korea

We just received the following press release from "Mad" Maximillion Cooper, the chieftain of the Gumball 3000, giving the dates of the annual road race rally by way of Des over at the all-rally all-the-time site of GT Spirit. We used to be on the press release distribution list but it appears alas, no longer. Probably… » 2/21/08 9:40am 2/21/08 9:40am

Team Polizei's Chariot O' Fire Departs for Gumball 3000

Herr Alex Roy and the mysterious Jeff Musical, only known as a part-time resident of Hoboken, New Jersey and German car enthusiast, spent the early part of today dropping off the Polizei 144 M5 Interceptor off at an undisclosed dock somewhere on the Eastern Seabord. This sadly means we will not be tooling around NYC… » 4/02/07 11:45pm 4/02/07 11:45pm

Alex Roy on Laser Jammin'

Our resident man in the rapid-road-rallying catbird seat, Alex Roy, popped up over at Gizmodo yesterday to give a quick-yet-thorough tutorial on laser-jammer usage. As more and more law-enforcement agencies move from radar to laser, it becomes a more valuable countermeasure, especially because laser detection is… » 2/07/06 9:18am 2/07/06 9:18am

Yale-Type Weighs in on Rallying

Informative little overview of the rallying scene by a molecular biophysics and biochemistry grad student over at the Yale Daily News, talking about the Cannonball and its spiritual descendants. Unfortunately, he refers to Dan Gurney as a "stock car driver," and while yes, Gurney did do a bit of that (so did… » 1/20/06 8:16pm 1/20/06 8:16pm

Ambulance Chasing: Alex Roys Latest Gumball 3000 Video

In his latest video-clip release, Alex Roy shows how much he's learned from New York cabbies, as he and Team Polizei reap the traffic-dodging benefits of trailing an ambulance that's in code red. This one reminds us of threading a needle, only with more speeding trucks coming head-on, and less actual thread. We'll… » 7/24/05 8:39am 7/24/05 8:39am

Brava Firenze: Alex Roy's Gumball 3000 Police Escort

Back story: During the Italian leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in Europe this past May, Alex Roy, Jalopnik's road-rally correspondent, lead pilot of Team Polizei and king of all media, asked a few Italian police officers (in an Alfa Romeo 145 Subaru Legacy) where they could find a gas station. What followed may be the… » 7/14/05 10:09am 7/14/05 10:09am