Is This Guy Selling 15 Undriven Ford GTs?

It's one thing to keep a single example of a desirable car in as-delivered condition in hopes of cashing in after production winds down. It's another to have fifteen pristine brand-new copies of the fastest cars Ford ever sold become available all at once. » 1/17/12 4:30pm 1/17/12 4:30pm

These amazing car paintings were done without photoshop

Prints and paint, but no photoshop. The founder of the excellent, Markus Haub, transforms vintage racing pictures into the coolest car art we've seen all year. » 10/17/11 4:00pm 10/17/11 4:00pm

Gulf-colored Mercedes SLS AMG treads lightly on history

So what if the Mercedes SLS AMG has no specific racing pedigree, nor association with the famed Gulf Oil racing livery's long history of victory and scary imitations? As long as this Gulf-blue SLS AMG only has a dash of orange, we approve. » 4/20/11 5:15pm 4/20/11 5:15pm

Tropical Storm Heading For BP Oil Spill

The National Hurricane Center thinks a tropical depression near the Bahamas will soon become a tropical storm and collide with the BP oil spill. Perhaps instead of naming it Tropical Storm Bonnie, they should call it Tropical Storm BP? [NHC] » 7/22/10 12:00pm 7/22/10 12:00pm

The Best Thing About The Gulf Oil-Eating "Whale"?

The coolest thing about the humongous Taiwanese oil-skimmer named "A Whale" that's being tested right now in the Gulf isn't the ability to clean 500,000 barrels of oil per day. » 7/06/10 1:00pm 7/06/10 1:00pm

Heritage Ford GT Commemorates Le Mans Wins

One of the things to cross our minds after we heard Ford was creating a new GT — after nearly immolating ourselves in flames of joy (uh, yeah) — was how it would look painted in the blue and orange Gulf colors of the 1968 and 1969 Le Mans. Now, on the 40th anniversary of the first of four years Ford won Le Mans, the… » 8/19/05 5:52pm 8/19/05 5:52pm