2009 VW Jetta TDI Achieves 58.82 MPG While Traveling Through Lower 48, Sets World Record

To raise awareness of the high mileage it’s possible to achieve by driving sensibly in a sensible vehicle, John and Helen Taylor traversed the lower 48 states in a stock 2009 VW Jetta TDI »9/30/08 3:00pm9/30/08 3:00pm. Staying within 5 MPH of the posted speed limit, the couple used just 11 tanks of fuel on the trip resulting in an overall fuel…

Flatmobile Is World's Lowest Car, Has Jet Engine For Good Measure

Recapturing the hotly contested Guinness World Record for lowest street legal car from friend of the Jalop, Andy Saunders, the Flatmobile is just 19" tall. Based on a Hillman Imp, it uses that car's rear-mounted 875cc engine for propulsion, supplementing that with a jet engine made from an old turbocharger. Pictures… »5/05/08 12:20pm5/05/08 12:20pm