Man Thrown 118 Feet By Car Awarded, Sore

Ever the good samaritan, Matthew McKnight of Connellsville, PA stopped to help victims of a serious accident when he was struck by a car traveling about 70 mph. After approximately 118 feet of flight, the volunteer firefighter ended up with a broken shoulder, pelvis, leg and tailbone. After McKnight completed his… » 12/10/07 9:15am 12/10/07 9:15am

Too Many Ferraris Crowd Silverstone, Guinness Notes Record

With the exception of the current "fastest production vehicle in the world" chase, is there a record Ferrari isn't interested in? The cats from Maranello herded 385 prancing horses onto the track at Silverstone; everything from vintage iron like a 250 GTO up to the latest and most fabulotastic 599 Fiorano. Ferrari… » 6/11/07 11:15pm 6/11/07 11:15pm