This Pacific Air Drill Trains Allies To Both Save Lives And Take Them

Cope North is one of the largest multi-national air power exercises in the Eastern Hemisphere. Every year, air forces from around the region deploy to Andersen AFB, located on the island of Guam to sharpen their skills, hone their inter-operational abilities and strengthen foreign ties among established and emerging… »2/24/15 6:20pm2/24/15 6:20pm


Thirty Totally Stunning Photos Taken Around Andersen AFB, Guam

From Foxtrot Alpha: Andersen AFB is located on the island of Guam, about two thirds of the way between Hawaii and Taiwan. Given its location, Andersen is one of America's most strategic outposts, and with it sprawling size it acts like gigantic aircraft carrier and sea base from which the USA can project immense power. »6/22/14 2:19pm6/22/14 2:19pm