Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Jeremy Clarkson's "The Good The Bad The Ugly"

We were lucky enough to receive an awesome gift last night, the seventh of the crazy eight-day candle-gasm (yes, we just used a Jewish holiday and one of the blogging no-no's — so sue us, we're busy being overjoyed) that is Hanukkah. Apparently the new Jeremy Clarkson DVD, The Good The Bad The Ugly, is only… »12/22/06 7:21am12/22/06 7:21am

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: The Ford GTX-1 Proves Cruising Ain't Just For "Classics"

We've always said the Dream Cruise isn't just for "old" classic cars. Sometimes a classic car is classic because there's only one like it, and it makes a man want to drop to his knees and weep. We were lucky enough to find something cruising Woodward Avenue last night with a "wow" factor even we couldn't contain.… »8/16/06 1:00pm8/16/06 1:00pm

Barrett-Jackson to Auction GTX1 Roadster in Palm Beach

Big announcement from the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction juggernaut today: Mark Gerisch of Genaddi Design Group said a Ford GTX1, serial #001, would be on the block at B-J's upcoming Palm Beach 2006 auction. The Genaddi bespoke package — inspired by the Sebring-winning 1966 Ford roadster — was first displayed at… »1/22/06 4:32pm1/22/06 4:32pm