Ultima GTR Sets Quarter-Mile Record

If nothing else, Ultima's approach to supercars — strapping a 720-hp Chevrolet V8 to a frame weighing as much as a sparrow's breakfast — is at least good for breaking speed records. The company's new GTR750 recently added the standing quarter-mile to the list of things it does faster than any other road-legal car.… » 6/22/06 8:29am 6/22/06 8:29am

Once More with Feeling: Latest Ultima Supercar Breaks Speed Record

The newest among Chevy-powered semi—kit cars to emerge from the UK's Ultima sports-car builders has toasted a speed record set by one of its predecessors. The Ultima 720GTR recently performed the zero-100mph-0 sprint in 9.4 seconds — breaking its sibling's previous record of around 10 seconds and destroying the… » 6/06/06 11:45am 6/06/06 11:45am