Chrome Ferrari 599 Lays Bling Smackdown On Chrome Audi

We all know the car, the polished-to-perfection Saudi Arabian Audi A8 you get in your email every four to six months, usually from the uncle who doesn't understand the internet telling you those durn furiners got too much money. Well, that car has now been tossed into the waste bin of internet history. We have a new… » 6/12/08 10:45am 6/12/08 10:45am

The Vandenbrink GT Convertible, For When A Sub-$2 Mil Ferrari Is An…

Dutch custom car maker Vandenbrink, which specializes in cars we'll never be able to afford, has released the first image of its GT Convertible. Based on the 599 GTB Fiorano, this stallion for the well-heeled is going to feature a custom lightweight carbon fibre folding hardtop to keep things inside the cabin when… » 12/20/07 11:15am 12/20/07 11:15am

Edo Competition Ferrari 599 GTB Teaser

World Car Fans cracked open the Ferrari message boards and came up with a teaser shot of Edo Competition's coming Ferrari 599GTB tuner. Not so much rossa as really freaking blanca, this tweaked out horse will likely be revealed in Frankfurt next month. Until then, we can go back through Edo's prior versions of Italian… » 8/08/07 11:30am 8/08/07 11:30am

Spy Photos: Is Schumacher The New Ferrari Chassis Macher?

Looks like Schumacher's not spending too much time away from cars now that he's retired from the sport of racing. According to the UK auto mag, Autocar, the German racer with the penchant for Italian race cars since '96 is helping Ferrari with testing its newest whip. It appears as though the recently retired racer… » 5/29/07 8:22am 5/29/07 8:22am