Redesigned Japan-Only GT86 Cb Looks Great, But Is 'For Women?' WTF?

Toyota announced a redesigned version of the GT86 (which we in the states know as the Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ) with a great-looking new front end that I think gives it the classic look of an old 240Z or an E-Type. It's called the Cb, which I'm told stands for "Cool Beauty." I'm also told it's "for women." Come on,… » 2/12/15 12:25pm 2/12/15 12:25pm

Scion FR-S Boss Wants The Toyobaru To Spawn Multiple Models

How would you like to see a whole family of models spawned from the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT-86/Subaru BRZ like what BMW has done with Mini? If your answer is "hell yes," then you'll be happy to know that Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the Toyobaru, wants that to happen as well. » 3/13/13 12:06pm 3/13/13 12:06pm

'Super 86' Is A Wonderfully Monsterized Scion FR-S

I think pretty much everyone agrees the BRZ/FR-S/Toyota 86 triumvirate is a good time on four wheels, and we're just at the cusp of what will likely be a vast ocean of race-bred variations. It looks like the Monsterization machines over in Fukishima Prefecture have been working overtime, and the result is the Super 86. » 3/11/13 3:32pm 3/11/13 3:32pm

GT86-R Marangoni Eco Explorer introduced in Geneva uses petrol and/or…

"To make the car more eco-friendly, it has been equipped with a Bigas International NH3 engine system that uses ammonia to enable the model to have zero emissions at low speeds. When more performance is required, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine takes over. While it normally produces 200 HP (147 kW), this… » 3/08/13 10:52am 3/08/13 10:52am

Zone Out On This 360° View Of The Toyota FT–86 Open Concept

Who cares about the total absence of rear legroom? It’s an FR-S with the wind in your hair! Same two-liter boxer, same light weight, same thirty-year-old concept honed to modern perfection. They’ll build it, won’t they? » 3/07/13 11:45am 3/07/13 11:45am

Why Is Toyota Showing Off A Scion FR-S That Looks Like A Supra?

Toyota brought ten models to this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, including two racecars, four FR-S/GT86 concepts, two rebodied JDM cars and two racecar wannabes. » 1/11/13 9:00am 1/11/13 9:00am

Your Ridiculously Awesome Toyota Sportscar Family Wallpaper Is Here

Toyota! We give you guys shit for being beige sometimes, but I have to admit that when you get it right, you really get it right. And by "it," I mean performance cars. You've got a fantastic sporting heritage that no one can argue with. » 1/05/13 6:00pm 1/05/13 6:00pm

How Much Horsepower Should The BRZ STI Have?

More rumors are trickling out about a purported hopped-up STI version of everyone's current favorite rear-wheel-drive Subaru, the BRZ. » 11/24/12 4:00pm 11/24/12 4:00pm

Watch The AE86 Face Off Against The GT 86 On A Track

Around these parts, we're big fans of Toyota's rear-drive hatchback hero, the AE86. We're equally partial to the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, the hachiroku's modern day comeback. But how would they stack up when pitted against one another today? » 9/02/12 4:00pm 9/02/12 4:00pm

Why Toyota’s Brazil-like Commercial Is The Best Car Ad In Years

The graphics look like something out of an old version of Grand Theft Auto. There are no sexy babes, or dancing hamsters, or dubstep. And yet the newest Subieyota ad is the best we've seen in years. » 8/20/12 12:30pm 8/20/12 12:30pm

First Turbocharged Subaru BRZ Boosted To 278 Horsepower

Toledo, Ohio's Accelerated Performance created a stir last month with the first turbocharged BRZ. When they popped up on the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club forum last month, John Visconti had squeezed 54.5 extra horsepower out of the Subaru BRZ's stock 2-liter engine. » 8/08/12 12:30pm 8/08/12 12:30pm

The Drift King Does Gymkhana In A GT 86

Keiichi Tsuchiya has been the Drift King since Jeremy Clarkson had a Jheri curl. The people at Toyota UK put him in a GT 86 and had him do some old-school Gymkhana against a couple of autojournos. » 7/20/12 1:00pm 7/20/12 1:00pm

Does The Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Need A Turbo?

Two of the most acclaimed cars of the past year have to be the Toyota/Subaru twins, the BRZ and the FR-S. While they aren't the fastest or most luxurious cars on the road, they have a fantastic chassis, great gearbox, and some sublime handling that you can drift at the flick of a wrist. » 7/20/12 12:20pm 7/20/12 12:20pm

From Barcelona To Budapest In A Toyota GT 86

Nino Karotta’s videos have appeared on Jalopnik since 2009. He shaved his head and bore arms to test a Mercedes–Benz S600 AMG, learned to drive a Formula One car and, lately, teamed up with video whiz kid György Szeljak to create the Hungarian Wolverine series, where he drove a BMW M5, his old Renault Avantime and a… » 7/04/12 5:30pm 7/04/12 5:30pm

How To Make A Toyota GT-86 Out Of Paper

Have you been jonesin' for a new Toyota GT-86? Can you wait no longer to get your hands on the diminutive sports car? Well, your troubles are over, if your raging desire for Japanese automotive fun can be assuaged by a very detailed paper model Der Spiegel found on the internet. » 4/20/12 3:00pm 4/20/12 3:00pm

V8 Powered Toyota GT-86 Goes Drifting

The Toyota GT-86 or Scion FRS as it will be known over here, is the lightweight driver's car that proves Toyota can build a car that avoids the beige. Amidst concerns from some regarding the car's 200 horsepower output it appears someone has already devised a perfect way to put concerns about power in the car to rest. » 3/31/12 9:00am 3/31/12 9:00am

Watch Toyota's CEO Hoon The GT 86

This is Akio Toyoda, CEO and President of Toyota, one of the three largest automakers in the world, dirt-tracking a Toyota GT 86/Scion FR-S. The only thing better? Toyoda then takes it snow-drifting. Epic. » 2/07/12 3:30pm 2/07/12 3:30pm

Toyota GT 86 is the production version of the FT-86

After a freaking eternity of teasers and concepts, we've now learned the Toyota FT-86 will be called the Toyota GT 86 when it debuts at next week's Tokyo Motor Show and goes on sale next year (it'll supposedly be called the Scion FR-S here). You didn't think they'd call it the FT-86, did ya? » 11/26/11 9:03pm 11/26/11 9:03pm