Great Hybrid Hope: Toyota to Race Lexus GS 450h

We just gave back our Lexus GS 450h tester, which is why we've been sad all morning (more to come on that). The thing is an absolute monster on the road, despite being under the influence of more computing algorithms than the Mars rover. That's likely why Toyota's planning to race the hybrid in Japan's Tokachi… » 7/07/06 10:03am 7/07/06 10:03am

Dan Neil on the Lexus GS450h: Good News for Techies, Bad News for Golfers

This week, Dan Neil takes on hybrid doubters with a love letter to the Lexus GS450h, and a quick lesson on speaking in physics. Lest that intro sound as if we're challenging his objectivity, we ain't. Still, his usual gallons 'o prose does make us want to put foot to pedal. » 3/29/06 1:01pm 3/29/06 1:01pm

He also confirms what we've heard about…