Can Am or Group B?

Anything goes! That attitude can get dangerous in a hurry with racing, especially when sponsorship bucks start to pile up, but it results in brain-melting machinery! Now you must choose between the two craziest series! » 9/12/09 5:00pm 9/12/09 5:00pm

Vintage Porsche 959 Factory Tour

The internet can be a terrifically awesome place to spend time. Case-in-point, this vintage photo tour of the Zuffenhausen-based assembly plant where all 337 mythical Porsche 959s were built by skilled Germans probably named Bruce. » 4/15/09 12:00pm 4/15/09 12:00pm

Marvelous Lambo Miura Film with Crashes and Scantily-Clad Brides

French filmmaker Richard Fabrice's short film "lamborghini" is three minutes of utter magnificence and no, it's not because of the scantily-clad young lady writhing on a Miura SV's trunk in a thoroughly European wedding dress. » 3/26/09 6:20pm 3/26/09 6:20pm

Ferrari 308 Group B Michelotto

Something new everyday. Did any of you know that there were in fact four Group B Ferrari 308s? We had no idea, and we thought we knew the Killer Bs. Davey G sent me info on these cars as part of our continuing fight over the Mustache Ride. Here's the skinny: » 1/04/08 12:30pm 1/04/08 12:30pm

Down on the D1 Grand Prix: Ford RS200

Oh snap, Jalopnik went drifting. We were there live when Japan's Nobushige Kumakubo and his Team Orange EVO won five rounds of Sudden Death! to capture the crown. And we'll get to that, in good time. But, Jalopnik being Jalopnik, our palms got way sweatier looking at this baby than they did watching three hours of… » 11/25/07 8:30am 11/25/07 8:30am

Crowning The King Of 1986: Audi Quattro S1 vs Ford RS200 vs Lancia…

If you've read Jalopnik for longer than 20 minutes, you just knew we were going to stick a "Killer B" in our Fantasy Garage. And why wouldn't we? Created by the FIA in 1982, Group B offered manufacturers a way to show off all their engineering prowess, achieve racing victories and reap the subsequent publicity… » 6/26/07 12:00pm 6/26/07 12:00pm

Wacky Hatch! MG Metro 6R4

We admit it. We never met a gonzoid hyper-rally car we didn't like. And while we're complete and utter suckers for purpose-built, design-the-thing-and-homologate-it-later machines like the Ford RS200 and Lancia Stratos, any car with the stones to compete in Group B earns our respect. As such, we've never had a… » 5/23/07 8:15pm 5/23/07 8:15pm

Oh Yes, It's the RS200

Okay, it never won Le Mans. It didn't even do all that well in Group B, as the FIA killed what may stand as the manliest class ever to exist in the history of motorsport before FoMoCo engineers really got the machine exactly right. But just look at it! It's a fabulous kitbash with a body built by freaking Reliant » 5/21/07 5:30pm 5/21/07 5:30pm

Cojones of Stone: Vatinen/Harriman/Manta 400

In 1983, there will be a practically Formula Libre rallying class known as "Group B." We hear Opel is already working on a car to compete, to be tentatively known as the Manta 400. Here we have some conjecture, created by optical-compositing specialists of two men, named here, for convenience's sake, Ari Vatanen… » 12/28/06 8:00pm 12/28/06 8:00pm


While the sheer terror of Group B Rally machines is documented with well deserved awe we like to root for the underdogs and unsung oddballs of the automobile world - some more oddball and unsung than others. Look not so closely to see numerous Ford Sierra Cosworths laughing like hyenas as they push tarmac sliding… » 12/14/06 1:39pm 12/14/06 1:39pm

Oh, Group B, How We Miss You

Punkey pointed out that the Autoblogs dug up a video "compliated" by a man named Joost, which entirely rocks socks. Powersliding, spark-farting titans in vehicles that went by such legendary names as Quattro, RS200 and Lancia-with-mudflaps. Group B rallying was simply the most badass motorsport since the O.G.… » 12/08/06 7:45pm 12/08/06 7:45pm

Refrain from Breaking My Heart: Group B Rallying Video

If you have to ask why it's necessary to wake up to 8:22:00 of Group B rallying footage from the 1980s set to the synthisized strains of Clarke and Bell (et al), you need to get out of the country more. [Thanks to Arun for the tip.] » 10/13/06 8:59am 10/13/06 8:59am